Home Trial Support


Through Home Trial Support, we take clinical trials to the patient’s home and partially conduct them there. This means that the patients are spared the sometimes long and arduous journeys to the clinic; as a result, they have a higher motivation to participate in the trial until the end, thus leading to a dramatic decline of drop-out rates.

Patient visits are made by experienced, qualified and certified nursing staff in close consultation with the patients, the study site (corresponding clinic) and the sponsor of the clinical trial. Usually, the same nurse accompanies the patient through the entire course of a study, which creates a personal relationship between patients and study nurses. This guarantees congruent results, as well as a frictionless study process which is more pleasant for all parties.


  • A lower burden for both patients and their families as care takes place at home which reduces the number of visits to and stays at the study site (clinic).
  • Tailor-made appointments which are kept according to protocol specifications and therefore enable optimal care for the patients.
  • Personal relationship and care based on a stable connection between the nursing staff and the patients.
  • Increase in patient compliance: a steady team of nurses who work consistently according to the same procedures.
  • Increase in patient satisfaction since patients feel optimally understood and cared for.
  • Direct communication between the nursing staff and the study team at the study site.
  • Relief of the study team while all quality criteria for the source data are adhered to.
  • The number of patients willing to participate increases by up to 80 %.
  • Decline of the drop-out rate, i.e. the number of patients dropping out of ongoing studies.
  • Quality improvement and quality assurance in all areas. 
  • Reliable and precise answers for the sponsor of the study.