Valentina Jovanoska


My vision

One of my greatest visions is to contribute to the development and implementation of new therapies that maintain or improve people’s health more efficiently and effectively. 


My mission

My mission is to realign and accelerate the development and subsequent delivery of safe and innovative drugs through home trial support as part of clinical trials.


My values





“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”


Søren Kierkegaard

My role is to act as an interface between patients, study team, clinic and the sponsors of the study.

Conducting and organizing clinical trials is more than a job to me – it is a major concern. For many years, I have been committed to providing professional healthcare for patients. In doing so, I attach great importance to complying with international as well as respective local regulations.

Since I have been working in the field of clinical trials at national and international level for many years, I was able to get to know the industry from many different perspectives:

  • from the clinician’s perspective
  • from the industry’s perspective
  • and, above all, from the patient‘s perspective.


These different perspectives as well as my professional education and training allow me to adapt individually to all home trial projects. My goal is to always ensure a process which is pleasant and delightful for everyone involved as well as the delivery of optimal results.

My experience in patient care and clinical trials has taught me that constructive and professional cooperation with researchers and medical specialists is as important as creating a pleasant environment for both the patients and the study team. Compliances with guidelines to deliver correct results efficiently and effectively are a priority.


VaLea ct

As a young company, VaLea ct is already a partner of several international sponsors of clinical trials and provides home trial support in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

The mission of VaLea ct is to:

  • increase the use of home trial support for clinical trials
  • bring the advantages of this work to the attention of the nursing staff
  • provide specific trainings and education.


VaLea ct takes over many activities that are necessary for the success of the clinical trial:

From the initiation of study projects, consulting, logistics, staff training, coordination of all processes and activities under the study protocol, to the acquisition of patients and quality assurance.