You are working in the nursing field, being interested in working on our studies as a freelancer, or in addition to your employment? You will find all important information below.

Please note: For reasons of readability, I use the term “nurse” for nursing staff individuals. However, I always refer to both men and women. Also, most of the information provided through third-party links is available in German only.


As a study nurse in Home Trial Support, you work as a freelancer (Neue Selbstständigkeit) according to the Austrian law. You do not need a trade certificate (Gewerbeschein), but qualified training as well as a nursing staff diploma are required.

FNSN: Freelance Network Study Nurses is a VaLea project currently under construction. The aim is to provide a registry for freelance nursing staff, so they can be requested for Home Trial Support projects based on their location and availability. The registry will be in strict compliance with all Data protection guidelines.
If you want to know more about the FNSN registry, please contact me.


Your advantages of working as a freelancer with VaLea ct:

  • flexible and independent working
  • high appreciation of your work
  • above-average and prompt payment
  • personal and economic independence (you are not employed by VaLea ct)
  • expansion of your professional horizons and gaining unique experience in the course of your work
  • professional further training opportunities
  • You can work full-time or part-time, i.e. in addition to your employment, as a freelancer


What you need to know before you start working as a freelancer – FAQ (frequently asked questions & answers)


Please note: You will find only basic information on the website of VaLea ct. For further information, please follow the links of WKO (Austrian Economic Chambers), the Tax Office and the SVA (Social Insurance Service for Commerce and Industry). However, please note that most information is available in German only.

Please contact the respective authority directly if you need to clarify your personal situation or details!



Federal Ministry of Finance / Tax Office



RIS (Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria)


Legal regulations – Authorization

According to §36 of the Austrian Federal Act on Healthcare and Nursing Professions (GuKG), those in the higher service for healthcare and nursing are authorized to work as freelancer.

The authorization extends to the entire federal territory. However, it is permissible only if the respective person resides and practices their profession in Austria.


Notification of self-employment

The registration for freelance work exclusively takes place via the responsible registration authority (Registrierungsbehörde). Further information about the registration can be found here.


For this purpose, you need the following documents:

  • Passport or any other accepted personal ID
  • If available, a marriage certificate and, if necessary, a certificate of name change
  • Diploma of your education or (if you completed your education abroad) a notification of recognition
  • Criminal record certificate (maximum three months old). A criminal record certificate basically exists for both Austrian citizens and citizens of other countries. When requesting a criminal record certificate, citizens of European Economic Area countries can ask for corresponding criminal record information to be obtained from their country of origin and to be subsequently conveyed in addition to already issued the criminal record certificate from Austria. The Austrian Police Authority can request the criminal record certificate from another EU country automatically and directly in the home country or country of origin through the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS). Please pay attention: Information via ECRIS can take up to three months! It is possible to be exempted from stamp duty and administrative charge upon presentation of a “Declaration of starting a company” (“Erklärung der Neugründung”) issued by the SVA.
  • Medical report on the health-related aptitude for freelance work (including job title) which must not be older than three months.


All certificates must be presented in the original!


Do I need a trade certificate?

No, working in the field of healthcare and nursing does not require a trade certificate. You work as a freelancer (Neue Selbstständige).



Tax Office and Social Insurance (SVA)

As soon as you start working as a freelancer, you are obliged to register with the responsible Tax Office and the Social Insurance Service for Commerce and Industry (SVA) within one month.

The Tax Office will assign you a tax number.

You will find more information here.


Important third-party links:

Small business regulation (Kleinunternehmerregelung)

Value added tax (Umsatzsteuer)


Do I have to pay health and pension insurance?

Generally, yes. However, there are exceptions. You can find them here.


Security and additional insurances for your freelance work

It is advisable to take out liability insurance. Legal expenses insurance also makes sense.

For assistance in financial matters, we recommend consulting a tax advisor.