The requirements for clinical trials are permanently increasing. In addition, local regulations, communication with clinics, medical specialists and patients need to be maintained.

VaLea ct is familiar with all national and local conditions and also has a strong network with clinics and medical specialists. Through years of experience in organizing and conducting clinical trials and, particularly, home trial support, VaLea ct can facilitate conducting parts of your studies.



  • Initiation of study projects
  • Support in creating reasonable source data documents
  • Consulting with regard to logistics and conducting clinical trials
  • Training of trial site staff and delegated participants on the trial in accordance with the protocol
  • Coordination of processes and activities in accordance with the protocol
  • Patient recruitment
  • Organization, planning and coordination of home trial support in accordance with the protocol
  • Monitoring of the source data
  • Quality improvement and quality assurance in all areas
  • Reliable and precise answers to questions related with services by VaLea ct


As your partner for clinical trials, VaLea ct ensures that your study is conducted easily and in compliance with all guidelines and quality standards. With home trial support, VaLea ct also focuses on a reliable and professional relationship with the patients, which guarantees a lower drop-out rate. This ensures that the source data is of high and optimum quality.

Your benefits:

  • Correct initiation in both professional and regulatory terms, monitoring and finalization of the study
  • Compliance with both international and national guidelines
  • Direct contact with the trial site staff (study team at the study site)
  • Increased recruitment and decreased drop-out rate among patients due to direct as well as personal and professional patient support