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The 10th Annual Meeting of Global Care in Porto

Speaking about the „Best Practices in Home Trial Support“ Mag. Valentina Jovanoska was invited to hold a presentation about her experience about Home Trial Support, in Portugal. VaLea clinical trials specializes in providing clinical studies in the patients home or at alternative sites (e.g. schools, workplaces, etc.), which make it much simpler for a lot…

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CONVENTION HEALTH BENEFIT 11.12.2018 Speaking about EHR, patient privacy and data security as a panelist in the telemedicine panel. Stefan Krastev, CEO of CUREStoken; Dr. Susan Wozniak (USA) – systematic care approaches for healthcare facilities and private industry; Tajana Lovric – EU expert, Croatia; Valentina Jovanoska – CEO of VaLea clinical trials, Vienna, Austria;  Nikhil…

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Clinical trials and self-employment? Yes, please!

Clinical trials and self-employment? Yes, please! – What do I have to do and what do I have to pay attention to? In general, qualified healthcare and nursing staff is entitled to work as freelancers. This entitlement applies to the entire federal territory of Austria. However, it is permissible only if the respective person resides…

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