Speaking about EHR, patient privacy and data security as a panelist in the telemedicine panel.

  1. Stefan Krastev, CEO of CUREStoken;
  2. Dr. Susan Wozniak (USA) – systematic care approaches for healthcare facilities and private industry;
  3. Tajana Lovric – EU expert, Croatia;
  4. Valentina Jovanoska – CEO of VaLea clinical trials, Vienna, Austria; 
  5. Nikhil Ranjan Nayak DGM-IT, Corporate IT & Systems, Apollo Hospitals Int. Ltd. – India;
  6. Jadranka Bozikov – Professor of public health and European expert in Biomedicine and Health Science – University of Zagreb, Croatia;
  7. Dr. Andrea Vincenzo Braga – CEO of bragamed GmbH and consultant for the „Hauptverband der Sozialversicherungen“ in Austria; chairman of the Austrian Scientific Society for Telemedicine & eHealth and vice-president of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth.

Valea-ct is looking forward to work with CHB again!


Picture Source: CURES Token (